Avoid these wrong habits in order not to gain belly fat

 Avoid these wrong habits in order not to gain belly fat

 Avoid these wrong habits in order not to gain belly fat

When people decide to lose weight, belly fat appears to be the last thing they think of. Of course, for superficial reasons, many people try to target stubborn belly fat by eating better and exercising. However, while belly fat isn't something people love carrying around, you shouldn't aim lose weight just to look good in your bathing suit-losing belly fat can also lower your risk of certain diseases down the road. The fat concentrated in the belly, as opposed to on the butt and thighs, for example, is associated with various diseases and poor lifestyle conditions, where "belly fat is caused by more than excess calories; it is linked to insulin resistance, high stress, poor fitness, irregular sleep and an unhealthy gut," says Cathy Posey, RD. Yikes. These are some of the wrong habits that you should avoid in order not to gain belly fat. You must get rid of these bad habits in order to lose belly fat:

Avoid eating late at night

It's best to get your in calories in earlier in the day, says Posey, rather than late at night when you don't have time to burn them off and they can spike your blood sugar. Try eating dinner earlier, and if you really do need a snack before bed, keep it small and high in protein and low in sugar (like some cottage cheese). You can also try intermittent fasting to help get rid of belly fat. Posey says, "Intermittent fasting can be very helpful in reducing your body's resistance to insulin. Limiting your meals to an eight- or ten-hour section of the day gives your body a break that it needs to use insulin most effectively." The same number of calories consumed within eight hours earlier in the day will often result in more weight loss than if they were eaten over a period of ten or twelve hours, she says. Make an appointment to rest from eating to make your stomach feel comfortable and lose the accumulated belly fat.

Do not put yourself under stress

If you keep putting off stress, it'll just get bottled up and cause you to maintain high stress levels, which Posey says can increase cortisol and lead to fat storage predominantly in the belly. "Stopping multiple times per day to actively relieve stress through deep breathing, rapid stretching or reading positive quotes can make a greater difference than calorie calculation - and calorie counting is an additional source of stress for many people," she says. Find a way to release stress through self-care practices (and if counting calories stresses you out, then don't do it!)

Don't stay sedentary during the day

Even if you go to a workout class or do core work a few times every week (which if you do, kudos!), staying sedentary for the majority of the day can prevent belly fat from budging. "Each time you move the stairs instead of going up the elevator, or you walk around the platform instead of staying on the sofa, you keep your muscles tight," she explains. Take every opportunity to move as much as possible!

Don't forget to sleep

You should be getting those 7-8 hours of sleep a night, which keeps hormones in check and helps suppress your appetite and lower cravings the next day."If your body is not comfortable, it cannot cope with losing weight or secreting fat. Bad sleep habits affect levels of stress, hormone regulation, and metabolic rhythms," she says. For instance, a night of little sleep will increase ghrelin, the hunger hormone, making you more likely to mindlessly eat in the day and choose unhealthy foods. Instead, you want higher leptin, which suppresses appetite, and you can have a good balance by setting an alarm for yourself and going to bed on time.

Don't forget your gut

"An unhealthy gut cannot efficiently absorb nutrients and remove waste. Processed foods, preservatives, artificial colors, and flavo Ring and chemicals and sugars destroy the natural flora of the intestine. When that happens, the abdomen becomes swollen and swollen. “So, you'll want to eat whole foods as much as possible and avoid most packaged, processed foods to keep your belly trim. Plus, try eating probiotics and prebiotics to improve gut health. Probiotics include Greek yogurt or skyr, kimchi, kombucha, saurkraut and sourdough, while prebiotics include artichokes, apples, asparagus, garlic and bananas.

Don't eat added sugar

Natural sugar is good in moderation (think: fruit), but added sugar is no friend to your belly."Unlike foods and drinks that naturally contain sugar, added sugars have no nutritional value. They are highly addictive and therefore endanger our health," says Nikola Djordjevic, MD. Added sugar puts pressure on the liver, where it's unable to process sugar completely and turns that sugar into fat. "Various studies have found that large amounts of fructose can increase belly fat and fat in the liver. The quick solution for sweet teeth is to eat fruits that have low sugar content such as blackberries, strawberries, honey, peaches, or think about some recipes for low-carb  desserts," Gurdevich says.

Don't go crazy on carbs

There's a reason people are hopping on the keto bandwagon, which keeps carbs to around 25 net grams a day. While you don't need to restrict as much and go totally keto, cutting carbs in favor of protein and healthy fats can directly help you trim belly fat. "Eating refined carbohydrates like bread, rice, pasta and biscuits will increase your belly fat," says Djordevich. If we want to lose it, we should focus on eating nutrient- and fiber-rich carbs such as vegetables and low-glycemic fruits," says Djordjevic.

Don't booze too hard

"Eat all the kale you want, but if you are feeding on your eating you by drinking wine that may lead to visceral fat (belly fat)," says Monica Uslander Moreno, MS, RD, LD / N, nutrition consultant at RSP Nutrition, "martinis." “Carbohydrate-free. Be careful to drink alcohol and associate wine with food and water. Also, do not use juices, tonics, juices, and artificial sweeteners when mixing and evaluate your weekly number of drinks to keep them to a minimum,” she says. This will help you reduce your belly and avoid bloating. Alcohol makes you hold water, so it definitely doesn't help!

Don't use artificial sweeteners

Sweetening that cup of java with artificial sugar can backfire. "Artificial sweeteners can disturb the microbes in the gut and confuse your brain - she thinks she is getting something sweet because of the taste, but calories don't come - and this actually drives insulin secretion and hence stored fat in the abdomen, and perhaps more powerfully who says Moreno: It's best to skip sweeteners together, or even use a teaspoon of real honey, sugar, or coconut sugar if you need a little sugar.

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