Two very useful methods to lose weight. And how can weight loss surgery cure diabetes?

An easy solution for instant fat melting

Irregular substances accumulate in our body. The reasons for this are the distance from the exercise and the chicken. These substances appear in the form of obesity. Abdomen fat is also one of those irregular substances. You don't have to panic. The solution to this fat-free urgency is possible.

1 We give you a drink that will melt your belly fat.
If you want to get the most out of this drink, use it in the morning
It has very little calories but it is full of energy.


· Finely chop an apple

· Ice (cold water)

· Fresh cinnamon stick

· A large pot 

Add the apple slices to the jug and put the cinnamon stick in it.
In half of the jug, mix the ice as well as the water.

You can keep this apple and cinnamon water in the fridge for up to three days. If you like.
A cup of this beverage will immediately melt your belly fat before each meal.

Get an easy fat melting solution

2- If you are worried about your growing weight, here is the good news for you. We are here to tell you a simple and harmful effects-free recipe. Which will reduce one kilogram in just two days


· One and a half liters of low-fat milk

· Two teaspoons of dried green tea

Try to buy green tea from any herbal store and do not use tea bags.

How to make

Boil milk and heat it to 70 degrees and put two tablespoons of green tea in it.
Remember that when you add the green tea, the milk is not hot or semi-hot, but very hot.
Cover it for 20 minutes and stain it.
Now drink a cup every two hours.

Can weight loss surgery cure diabetes

When the patient lose weight after gastric bypass. It is noticed that very frequently they come to the clinic and tell me, "after having gastric bypass, we stopped the insulin ".
It creates this dislike with having sweets and high fat content meals.
They haven’t even lost the weight yet, but their glucose metabolism is completely cured so they don't need insulin anymore.
One of the most recent study shows that when we perform the gastric bypass, the food go into a shorter course into the stomach and when the food touches the mucous( the lining of the small bowel) there will be change in the harmonic production in the human body. There will be increase in something called a GLP-1 which is glucagon-like peptide-1. It encourages the secretion of insulin. 
So it is happened from day one after surgery. What’s happened in day one? There will
be increase in this hormone from the small bowel after the patient starts to eat and this was increased in the production of insulin. And that’s why the patient doesn't need insulin

Although this type of diet appears very extreme, it needs to be understood that the sport of bodybuilding itself is very extreme.

Having decided to not compete this year has taken me out of this eating regime for the first time in three years and I must confess it hasn't been easy.

Many people have commented on how happy I must feel to be able to eat what I want without all the restrictions. 

What I wasn't prepared for was the feeling of guilt I experienced with this change in lifestyle. Never in my life had I felt guilty about eating an apple or a tub of yogurt. 

The point that I am trying to make and the comparison of my experience to any type of dieting is that yes, both can deliver amazing results. 

The physique I display on stage is proof that the dieting does work.

Similarly, a no-crab diet can help you lose a lot of weight. However, I also do realize that the physique of a figure competitor is neither healthy nor maintainable long term. 

For me to be able to live and function normally I do need to switch to an off-season eating plan and reintroduce certain for back into my diet.

As a result, I do put on the body I try to educate anyone on a new fat- loss program that they may feel great now and love the fat is melting away, but it will be very hard to maintain that eating regime without sacrificing their happiness and freedom of living and social. It has taken me some time to reach a middle ground. When I started to label foods as good or bad.

I found myself trying to eliminate the bad food from my diet only to find myself feeling guilty when I did eat those foods Quite often, I ended up eating more than I needed it because I felt a sense of failure.

This probably stems from the fact that I had deprived of myself of these foods as they were imprinted in my brain as being 'bad'.

So, I find myself in a conflicting position. As a personal trainer I cannot tell my clients to diet or follow unrealistic regimes when I do not truly enforce them myself.

I do not believe in diets and no longer label any food as bad. I treat all foods as equal.

Get an easy fat-melting solution

Where obesity causes many deadly diseases such as cancer, the same person who suffers from obesity is less likely to suffer.

And to get rid of this calamity, many expensive medicines resort to exercise belts, but usually fail to lose weight.

Often it has been observed that obese patients lose their health due to the use of various drugs in the cycle of weight loss.

But no need to worry anymore.

Scientists have described a natural way to get rid of obesity, by following which you can not only get rid of obesity but also prevent your health from getting worse...

Scientists at Poznan University in Poland have found that the constant use of green tea is very useful for obesity sufferers and can be avoided.

Scientists say that obesity sufferers are usually eager to get rid of it, but they do not know that after they eat after a long period, their body produces enough starch that they can absorb more. Makes fat.

So, they tend to be obese rather than reduce obesity

Green tea is found to be the essence that reduces the amount of starch in the body, which gradually causes the obese patient to lose weight.

Two very useful methods to lose weight
 Two very useful methods to lose weight

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