Types of diabetics: Diabetes weight loss naturally and instantly


Some amazing ways to lose weight:

In the early morning, eat bananas


If you want to lose weight and don't skip meals, then this recipe is for you.

All you have to do is get up in the morning to eat one or more bananas and drink a glass of fresh water on an empty stomach.

But remember that you do not have to have dinner after 8 pm in any case, and do not eat or drink anything before going to bed at night.

In the afternoon you can have your favorite meal with a salad.

While you can eat snacks at noon, but avoiding chips and ice cream is a must.

Do not eat anything sweet after three o'clock in the evening while dinner is full of vegetables.


If you want to melt abdomen fat, use this beverage daily

Due to our eating routines, our body is replenished with toxic material and at the same time, we gain weight.

Today we will show you ways to prepare a homemade drink that will not only remove toxins from your body and will not only give you but also reduce your weight.



        Half gallon water

        Grapefruit chopped (You can also take lemons)

        Malta chopped                                                 one

        Cucumber chopped                                        one

        Ten to twenty mint leaves

        Ice as needed


Grind grapefruit, malt, mint leaves, and cucumber

Extract seeds from grapefruit and Malta so that the beverage does not become bitter.

Thoroughly mix all the ingredients and then add water to it and shake well

Add ice and drink... This beverage is easily stored in the refrigerator for six to eight hours.

You can also keep your body energized and enriched with fruits like strawberries, kiwi if you like.

Types of diabetes

1.      Diabetes type 1

2.      Diabetes type 2

3.      Gestational diabetes


Diabetes type 1

It removes pancreatic function completely and insulin is important for its treatment.

Diabetes type one usually occurs in individuals and children under the age of forty.

Adults are normal or overweight.

They quickly show their signs.


Diabetes type 2

In this type of diabetes, the pancreas produces insulin, but its function is reduced in the patient's body.

In addition to insulin, medicines can be used to treat this.

This diabetes usually occurs in people over the age of 40 and is overweight.

Symptoms of diabetes begin to manifest slowly.

Many people in the family have this diabetes.

Gestational diabetes

There are symptoms of Diabetes due to hormone changes in the body in some women during pregnancy. Complete diagnosis and complete treatment of this diabetes is vital to the life of the mother as well as the child born. Diabetes in children causes birth defects in pregnancy

Objective treatment of diabetes

1.      Levels of blood glucose in the normal range

2.      Necessary changes in diet

3.      Regular physical examination

4.      Regular eye examination

5.      skin and foot protection

6.      Diabetes and mental problems


Levels of blood glucose in the normal range

For this purpose, it is necessary to check the level of glucose in the bone at regular intervals with the help of a device.

Blood glucose levels may vary at different times in a diabetic patient

Normal glucose levels should not exceed 70 to 115 mg without eating or breakfast and 140 mg after meals or after breakfast.

Blood glucose levels may be very different in diabetes type one patients.

Grading of Fasting Blood Glucose

Very good                           70-115 mg


Good                                  115-135 mg


Bad                                    135-150 mg


Moderate bad                     150-200 mg


Very Bad                            200 above mg


Moderately bad and very bad patients should contact their physician to make the necessary changes to their medication.

Necessary changes in diet

Diabetes patients need a moderate dose

Increased diet or abstinence may increase blood glucose levels Especially foods that contain sugar or fruits that are very high in sugar

Regular inspection

The diabetic patient should undergo regular physical examination with a good physician.

Any complication is diagnosed very early on and considered for its treatment.

Regular eye examination

Regular eye examination is very common in diabetic patients, so regular eye examination is necessary.

Skin and foot care

 skin infections in job patients are especially high in the summer, so in diabetics, foot wounds are more frequent.

Diabetes and mental problems

When diabetes and mental problems, or stress greatly affect diabetic patients, on the one hand affect the appetite and the system, on the other hand the process of becoming and breaking glucose in the body changes. Need more doses of insulin or other diabetic medicines.


Cycling to stay fit

Cycling and stay fit It is the best exercise in the past, people were not so easy to solve and were addicted to physical labor, but today's generation has become much easier.

In the past, people were accustomed to cycling instead of cars that fit them. With the help of a bicycle, there is a very good exercise. Cycling increases blood circulation throughout the body. Cycling is called cardioexercise. It can help a lot of fit.

Cycling eliminates body fat very quickly and can prevent many diseases including blood pressure.

It can also be protected from illnesses such as Diabetes.

Experts say that cycling for at least 30 minutes daily can help prevent heart attack.

As the diseases are increasing in the present time, people are becoming aware, and they are beginning to exercise.

        76% of British work out regularly.

        8% of people do it because it's exciting

        37% of people exercise regularly to reduce obesity

        There are twice as many unmarried people who work to look good

One of the main reasons for being active is to lose weight or maintain a proper weight

The 30-minute daily exercise includes 48% gardening, 23% of which includes physical exercise 12% cycling 10%, and swimming 9%.


A tablespoon triples your fat-melting speed

Do not worry if you are worried because of your increased weight or if you are not losing weight and body fat despite the treatment.

 Today we will tell you about a spice that will reduce your body fat by three times.

This spice, known as Cumin, is found in every house kitchen.

If you eat just one tablespoon of it a day, your body fat will start to drop three times faster.

Research conducted at the University of Iran reveals that spice cumin plays an important role in melting fat.


The study divided 88 overweight women into two groups

One group was given about three teaspoons of cumin, one teaspoon and five grams of yogurt, while the other group was told to eat only yogurt

While both groups consumed 500 calories a day.

It would be surprising to see three months of precision that women who were eating cumin and yogurt lost 4 kg while the other group did not lose more weight.

Experts say that women who eat cumin lose three times more weight than those who do not.

Given this, the women undergoing this experience had also reduced the amount of cholesterol, and their body mass index (BMI) decreases.

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

In some women, the level of glucose during pregnancy increases significantly.

Thus, they become diabetic during pregnancy Diabetes usually occurs during the second half of pregnancy.

Side effects of diabetes during pregnancy

Diabetes is at a higher risk of pregnancy due to diabetes at the onset of pregnancy.

A baby born in the womb can also have many birth defects

If the pregnancy is not properly controlled during pregnancy, the baby starts to grow very fast in the womb.

Which can cause premature birth? Full-bred babies are also generally healthier and weigh between four and five kg. This greater health causes various complications in these children.

Children who have low glucose levels are non-functioning baby, child infections, and can also have jaundice.

During pregnancy the delivery of the diabetic patient should be done at the major hospital so that the mother and the infant can receive timely treatment.

Periodic screening of women with gestational diabetes is essential to control blood glucose levels, which is not possible by injecting only the right amount of insulin into the body.

Diabetes weight loss naturally and instantly

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