Natural recipes to lose weight and get rid of toxins from the body

Natural recipes and Methods to lose weight

If you are smart and slim, then you have a blessing like the example. No, you can make your body smart or slim if you are not slim. Today we are going to tell you some natural recipesweight loss foodsthat are available in your kitchen, so here are some home remedies for you. Here are some simple recipes that you can follow to become smarter and more attractive in just a few weeks. But women should keep in mind that beauty is not for the show. Rather, the expression of beauty is for legitimate and Marian relationships. By following the tips given in this booklet, you can lose more fat from your body which will make you look more attractive and attractive and you will feel lighter.

 Natural recipes :

  •  The use of green tea is very helpful in reducing the stomach. A cup of green tea after every meal helps to keep the stomach low.
  •  Lemon juice is excellent for weight loss. Lemon juice and honey can be mixed in a glass of warm water and taken on an empty stomach every morning.
  •  Mix a teaspoon of honey in light warm water and drink it admiringly, the stomach will be reduced in a few days.
  •  Honey is very useful and it stimulates the accumulation of fat in the body and keeps it in circulation, which is used as energy for normal functions. Any obese person should start eating a small amount of 10 grams of honey or take it with a tablespoon of warm water. Eating in the morning is better for health and a teaspoonful of fresh lemon juice can be added.
  •  Squeeze lemons in a glass of light warm water and mix a teaspoon of honey and drink it admiringly. In a month, the stomach will be reduced and the complexion will also increase.
  • Excessive consumption of cinnamon and ginger in food helps in reducing the stomach and Cinnamon and ginger powder can also be used.
  •  To lose weight, drink half an hour before breakfast every morning, on an empty stomach, and before going to bed at night, mix a teaspoon of cinnamon and a tablespoon of honey. It is reduced and its regular use does not cause excess body fat.
  • Ground black cumin, lacquer seeds, cloves, jojoba leaves, fifty grams each, all together. Grind one tablespoon in the morning before breakfast, one tablespoon at night, eat with water and this Course for at least 40 days.
  •  Put ginger or semen tea, celery and vinegar (any) in water, cook well and keep in the fridge. When drinking, add honey, cinnamon powdered Nigella seed inappropriate amount 2 hours after breakfast daily. Drink a cup and it will also reduce the problem of flatulence and bloated stomach. Also, do light exercise, especially a 15 to 20-minute walk after dinner is very important.

Here are some precautions for this Natural recipe: 

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use this prescription at all. If you are fasting in Ramadan, it is better to start using it after Ramadan.
Note: If your stomach is working properly, then when you find out that this prescription is not irrigating your body and you decide to start it finally, try to drink half a cup once in a while. If you accept, your stomach will be exactly equal in days.
 If you have a bad temper, then don't use it. Don't make it your habit because every ingredient has cold and hot properties. Once the stomachs becomes normal, start exercising by thanking Allah and eat less. Remember, this is a temporary treatment. Once you have lost your stomach, even if you continue to eat and drink in moderation, just thinking that you will make it again and drink it again, then it is totally foolish and is tantamount to cruelty to your body. There is no specific period of use as long as it seems appropriate, but do not use for more than a month. 

·        Although it is difficult to stop using sugar and its products, it is very important to avoid it. On the other hand, sugary drinks contain oil, which increases fat in many parts of the body, including the abdomen and thighs.
·        Drinking more water is also a great tip if you are serious about reducing waste width, water is added to the blood and dissolves fat molecules while drinking more water releases toxic compounds from the body. ۔
·       Every morning, one or two of garlic is very useful to eat. Peel a squash, grate it and eat it with lemon water. On the one hand, it improves blood flow and on the other hand, it helps in reducing belly fat.
·       The use of garlic controls the amount of sugar and insulin in the body and the excess in the body
·      Fat is available for energy and thus it is possible to get rid of excess belly fat.
·        put a spoonful of honey, a few peppers, and mint in a pot and boil for five minutes and then filter and drink this coffee. Mint cures all stomach ailments while honey and pepper will eliminate excess belly fat.
·        Cinnamon also has the power to remove excess body fat. Take half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, put it in water and boil it for five minutes, then add a teaspoon of honey and strain the solution. Use this coffee before bed and before breakfast and it will surprisingly reduce belly fat.

A great recipe to get rid of toxins and excess fat from the body

Over time and due to our eating habits due to the accumulation of toxins in the body and at the same time the excess fat takes its place which we try different ways to get rid of, sometimes these prescriptions are effective and sometimes It does not help at all, but today we will tell you about two powerful ingredients that will not only cleanse your body of toxins but also eliminate excess fat.

These medicinal ingredients are clove and flax seeds.
Recipe Preparation: Finely grind 1-gram dry cloves and 100 grams linseed seeds in a grinder to make a fine powder.
Tip Use: Dissolve two tablespoons of this powder in warm water and drink it before or during breakfast in the morning. After using it for three days, take a bath for three days, and then use it for three days at least once a year and do it twice
God willing, you will feel calm and light and by the grace of God, your hip, legs, waist, and belly fat will be reduced.

Natural recipes to lose weight and get rid of toxins from the body
Natural recipes to lose weight and get rid of toxins from the body

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