Instructions and recipes to decrease bloating and obesity

If a person is healthy and strong, then he is determined to do even the most difficult work. He is able to do the work of religion more and better and the work of the world is better. But only if he is healthy. Also, to stay healthy you have to eat a balanced diet and avoid things that can harm your health. Like some people. Similarly, some people need items that have a "hot effect". Need to say and merely finding the need to avoid "cold laser'' the most used items, you ought to use diet according to your health.

Obesity, the enemy of your beauty, can kill you.

No matter how handsome a person maybe, if he is overpowered by obesity, his personality becomes eclipsed and his form seems incomplete. Therefore, obesity is considered to be a complex metabolic disorder today. Obesity is a disease in itself, but it can lead to many more diseases and sometimes even death. Dangerous diseases caused by obesity include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure, among others. However, there are complications of heart and arteries. 

The main reason for this is the increase in the amount of fat in the blood and the increase in cholesterol. Obesity is the most common cause of death. Obesity causes high blood pressure. Obesity causes uterine cancer in women, breast cancer after sunset, prostate cancer in men and men. Increases the risk of anal cancer in women. What is obesity? The word fat or fat is used in Urdu for obesity. The words obesity and corpulency are used in English. And if there is a significant increase in weight, such a condition is called obesity. From a medical point of view, obesity is a condition of any man or woman when the Weight is determined by age, gender, and height.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

·                                Definition of BMI: In addition to creating an effective diet plan for weight loss, it is also significant to know the BMI (Body Mass Index) according to age and height. In the first kilogram, you have to find out your weight and height in feet and inches. Then you divide the weights by the Quds. From BMI, do you know that you weigh less according to your height? Is it right? is it more? Or is it too much? BMI test features:
·                                BMI is an easy and cheap way to find weight.
·                                No training is required to perform this test.
·                                The results are also easy to understand. Only by comparing your result with a pre-prepared chart can you know if you are underweight or overweight.
·                                No special machine or device is required to discover the BMI. All you need is an inch tape to determine your height and a weight machine to determine your weight.
·                                It is certified by doctors, doctors around the world have been using this table for many years to diagnose obesity. BMI limits:
·                                Body weight includes many things such as muscle weight, fat weight, water weight, bone weight, etc. But the BMI table does not differentiate between these things.
·                                Some people are overweight but that weight is about bones and muscles while their body weight is less than fat. Such people are considered healthy, but in the BMI table, they will be on the list of obese people.
·                                This table is not useful for pregnant or short stature people.
·                                It is also significant to know which part of the body weighs how much. For example, it is believed that having more abdomen fat than thigh and hip is harmful. 

According to research, women with a waist of 35 inches and men with a waist of more than 40 have an increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and heart attack. This is why today's experts emphasize weight and height as well as measuring the patient's waist. The point is that BMI is an easy and simple way to determine the weight, but it has some limitations. Therefore, to accurately estimate the weight, it is necessary to perform BMI as well as other tests to get more detailed information about the weight.

The formula for finding BML is weight (in kilograms) BML height (in meters). If your BMI is between 20 and 25 then your weight is normal. You are not obese. If you have a BMI of 26 to 29.9, you are in the first stage of obesity. At 30 to 39.9 BML, you are in a state of severe obesity. Or more dangerous and deadly obesity.

An enlarged stomach is a tragedy in modern times. Which has troubled every man and woman? Women usually suffer from obesity in case of irregular menstruation, maternity, and
unbalanced diet and lack of exercise. Men also suffer from obesity in case of an unbalanced diet and lack of exercise.
Obesity is a disease that strikes silently without any discomfort and the patient becomes aware of it only when his personality is exhausted.

Instructions and recipes to decrease bloating and obesity

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