Follow these walking tips to burn more calories and lose extra weight

There are many ways to lose weight, such as following a diet and exercising such as cardio, squats, etc. However, if you are looking for an easy way to lose weight, start with the walking program, which is a great way. Because it has a low impact, it is easy to fit into a busy schedule and can be accessed almost for any age or fitness level.

Just follow these walking tips to burn more calories and lose extra weight:

 1- Walking more during the day
Powerful walking is a great way to get fit. And while your energy focus for 30-45 minutes 4-5 days a week should be your focus, don't stop there. To reach your weight loss goals, try to include walking for 20 minutes or less throughout the day if possible.
 Here are a few ideas to get you started:
·        Try walking a short distance after meals, which can help control blood sugar, prevent cravings for more food and boost metabolism.
·        When completing daily tasks, walk between destinations instead of driving when you are a mile or less away.
·        Take a short stroll when you feel frustrated or stressed. Your mood can help while burning a few calories.
·        Always climb the stairs instead of the elevator.

2- Increasing the Intensity
 One way to get your heart pumping and burning more calories is to increase your walking speed from a leisurely pace in the park. In addition to increasing the speed, researchers at Ohio State University also found that changing the walking speed during exercise can help you burn up to 20% of calories more than maintaining a steady pace.

While walking, include a 30-second burst every 5 minutes, and walk as fast as you can without running. Follow this by walking a slower hospitalization for 30 seconds before returning to your normal walking pace.

 3- Hit the hills
One way to include periods of time in your walking routine without making it look like torture is by walking on a hiking trail with hills. Walking up burns more calories and helps you build muscle in the lower body, which helps speed up the metabolism as well.

If you don't have a nearby hiking trail that you can reach 2-3 times a week, try an exercise on the stairs or set the incline on the treadmill. Just remember to change your style a little. Lean forward while climbing, take shorter steps and bend your knees than usual.

 4- Use your arms
While it may seem silly, exaggerating your arm swing while walking has additional benefits. This will speed up your action; work on your upper body and burn up to 10% more calories compared to a regular arm swing.

To master the swing technique, use these tips:
·        Bend your arms up to 90 degrees and maintain this shape.
·        The arm should extend behind the body as comfortably and naturally as you can.
·        To climb, the hand should rise to the chest level.

5- Focus on form
 Focusing on the right posture can help improve exercise and burn calories, as well as prevent fatigue and common walking injuries. Focus on keeping your back relaxed, lengthening the spine and keeping your shoulders neutral. Make sure to focus your eyesight on the horizon, which helps keep your neck and head in alignment.

You will also need to pay attention to how your feet hit the ground. Your heels should hit the ground first "to help absorb shock and reduce pressure on the joints," explains Dr. Michael Glipper, a board-certified spine surgeon. From there, your feet should move smoothly forward and "push your toes with toe muscles," says Glipper. By spending a few minutes checking your model, you can increase your walking exercises to the maximum weight loss more efficiently.

 6- Set a goal for your steps
Goal setting is important to keep motivation. One of the best goals you can get as a pedestrian is to work to increase the number of steps you take daily. The more steps you take, the more likely you are to burn calories. Shortening your step to take more steps can also help you speed up.

Unlike distance and speed targets that can lead to injury when progressing too fast, increasing your steps is safer and can be increased more quickly. If you're serious about losing weight, aim for 10,000 steps a day to get started and increase your step count from there as you can afford.

 7- Maintain low calorie consumption
Walking can be a great way to undermine and improve your health and strengthen your bones and muscles without risking an injury. But for weight loss, you'll need to focus on diet to achieve this.

Focusing on lean protein and vegetables, reducing sugary foods and processing is where you should start. Tracking your daily calorie intake helps you get rid of pounds faster and safer than choosing one of several diets instead.

8- Include strength training
A good way to break up walking, strengthening your muscles and burning more calories is to include body weight exercises during your workout. Two or three times a week, stop and do one of these exercises every five minutes while walking. The number of what you do is up to you.

walking tips to burn more calories
walking tips to burn more calories

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