Exercise is not the best way to lose weight

Science says and also an answer to the question,

Are soft drinks help us in weight loss?

Exercise is not the best way to lose weight, Science says we have that firm idea that if we are going to lose weight, we join the club on January 1st. We begin exercising regularly, and eventually, we will lose extra weight well, there is some bad news. 
I have read more than sixty studies on it. It turns out that exercise is useless when it comes to losing weight.

Dr. Kevin Hall of the National Institute of Health conducted some of the most important studies on exercise and weight loss. We have to reclassify the exercise "Exercise isn't a device for getting in shape without anyone else, It's excellent for health, and probably the best.
"You can do just as quit smoking to improve you're well-being." "However, don't take a gander at it as a weight reduction apparatus. "The reason lies in how our bodies use energy You may not notice this, but physical activities are a small part of burning daily energy. There are three ways in which our bodies burn calories. This includes metabolism at rest ... which is the amount of energy that the body burns

To perform the basic functions, and to keep you alive. The other part of calorie spending is the thermal effect of food. It is the amount of energy required to digest food in your body. The third part of energy spending is physical activity.

 Most people have physical activity which is any movement that they make, which ranges between 10-30 percent of energy consumption. So, the vast majority of energy or calories you burn daily It comes from the basic metabolism process or at rest.

That we can barely control while 100% of all calories are at your disposal, there are only 30% of calories out that you can control. One study found that if a man weighing 90 kg ran for one hour a day every four days for a month.

 He will lose a village of 2 kg at best, assuming everything else will remain the same. And everything else does not remain the same ... 

Researchers have found that we make all kinds of adaptations Physiological and behavioral when we increase the number of exercises, we do every day. For some reason, exercise tends to make people hungry. 

And I'm sure you know that feeling You go to a spin session in the morning and
when it's time. When your breakfast is extremely hungry, it may increase the portion of oats you usually eat There is also evidence to suggest that some people fail after performing exercises.

If you go jogging in the morning, you may be less inclined to go up the stairs at work This is called compensatory behavior and is simple. The many ways we undermine the exercises that we did without our knowledge.

Analysts have additionally found a wonder called metabolic remuneration. As people begin to lose weight, rest-metabolism can slow down. The less energy you burn at rest That means this strip can shrink as you begin to lose weight.

 Much research remains to be done, but a 2012 study is particularly exciting. They went to turn the Savannah forests in Tanzania to measure the amount of energy burned Among members of a hunting and hunting squad group called "Hadza" These are fishermen and hunters for food, very energetic and thin. They do not spend their day at a table behind the computer screen.
What they found was shocking "What we discovered is that there is positively no distinction" "Even though the Hadza has a significantly more truly dynamic way of life," "They were not consuming a bigger number of calories daily than the grown-ups at. 

The United States and Europe for some reason, the energy they used for physical activity was different or conservative elsewhere So ... how do they stay skinny? They do not overeat. We can quickly return the calories we burned in exercise.

 It will take us about an hour to run to burn the Big Mac and Fries You will have to spend an hour of dancing with great vitality to burn three glasses of wine that you might eat with dinner. An hour of intense bike riding on an exercise bike to burn about two donuts. 

That is the reason it is ideal to consider activities to be a solid supplier of a nourishment centered procedure. However, while obesity rates are high in the United States, government agencies continue to offer exercises as a solution.

Are soft drinks help us with weight loss?

While companies are seriously interested in making sure we keep eating and drinking their products. Since the 1920s, companies like Coca-Cola have been biased themselves with exercise messages.
The idea here is that you can drink all of these large gas cans as long as you exercise.

But as we can see, it is not that way In fact, burning all those extra calories from a soft drink can is very difficult. We are suffering from obesity problem in this country [USA] and should not We treat simple physical activity as a responsible solution to eating lots of calories Public health policy makers should seriously prioritize improving the eating environment. 
  • To solution to eating lots of calories Public health policymakers should seriously prioritize improving the eating environment. 
  •  To help people choose the healthiest thing about what to eat It is not impossible to lose weight through exercise.  
It is just so much more difficult and we have to figure out how it happens "If you go to the exercise center and consume each one of those calories, it will take you a ton of time and exertion. "You can delete it quickly by eating a bit of pizza." "Its relative effect is exceptionally astonishing, and a great many people don't exactly value it."

Exercise is not the best way to lose weight
Exercise is not the best way to lose weight

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