Protecting Your Skin, Body and Hair during summer and some Ultra-cooling Summer Beauty advice

Summers are often the time for jogging around the park, basking in the seaside sunshine or participating on weekend 5K runs. All these activities are invigorating and fun, but they can affect your skin’s health, hydration levels and hair.
 Here are three quick tips to make sure you are protected throughout the summer while still enjoying the sun and showing off your hard-earned labor!

 Wear sunscreen 30 minutes before you head outdoors

 Most of the damage we see on our skin comes from the sun. Protecting your skin from UVA/UVB damage is easy to do if you apply sunscreen before heading outdoors. There are so many fantastic options in the marketplace that can suit your preference and needs, like sprays, lotion and sticks. The most important thing is to look for broad-spectrum coverage. This means that you will get protection from UVA (ultraviolet rays that you can’t always feel or see) and UVB rays (ultra-burning rays that you can feel right away). Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen (with SPF value of 15 or higher) 30 minutes before you go outside allows the sunscreen to have enough time to provide the maximum benefit to your skin and prevent skin disorders, including cancer.

The secret to making your skin look great is hydration

Staying hydrated during the summer is key to making sure your skin looks plump and healthy. The average person needs about eight to 12 cups of water per day, which is about two to three liters. Every human need water, whether it comes in the form of a fruit or a glass of juice. To make sure you do not become dehydrated throughout your summer activities, make sure to fill up your water bottle before leaving the house. Your body has a mechanism which prompts thirst, so your body knows when to get you to drink more. However, if you are lounging or dozing off on the beach, walking for hours, sightseeing or participating in an activity, you may forget to listen to your body’s alarm system for thirst, which can lead to dehydration. If you have bottled water with you at all times, it will be easier to remember. And here is an additional motivator, the only difference between a raisin and a grape is the hydration it offers, so eat up.

For healthy summer hair, keep it hydrated and covered 

What I love about big hats and caps is that they provide sufficient shade not only for your face, but the entire scalp as well without covering up the gorgeous body you have worked so hard to show off this summer. Wearing a hat that covers the entire scalp will help reduce the UV radiation that is persistently blasting your hair and drying it out. These strong UV rays, combined with heat and dryness can damage the hair follicles and dry out the scalp. Providing moisture to your scalp with oils or balms can make a difference in the way your hair looks and feels. Also, wetting your hair a little and adding conditioner before putting on your hat may keep your hair moist and hydrated. Here is another suggestion to keep in mind, avoid constant flat ironing, curling and brushing, as all of these procedures can damage hair follicles and make your hair look frizzy and dull. Keep in mind that for healthy summer hair, you should cover up your head for protection, keep your scalp hydrated and nourished, and avoid trauma to hair follicles.
During the summer the days are longer, and they seem to bring more opportunity for adventure and fun, so make sure to protect your skin, body and hair before going outdoors. 
As well as, staying cool in the summer is essential for avoiding a sweaty makeup meltdown. Here are some tips to beat the heat and look your best.
After a long, cold winter, the idea of warm summer weather sounds great. However, there are some challenges to dealing with summer weather. It’s easy to get overheated and sweaty, which can wreak havoc on your hair, makeup and all aspects of your look. Not to worry, there are lots of ways to keep your face and body cool and dry.

Some methods to remain Cool and Keep Your Summer Beauty

Control Outdoor Exposure

When you’ve been outdoors for a prolonged period of time, make sure you take a break and go inside. Get in the daily habit of applying sunscreen. As well, save your face protected with sunglasses and a brimmed hat. These are significant habits you should do all year long.

Get Creative with Your Hairstyle

Long hair against the back of your neck is enough to increase your body temperature by a degree or two. A great way to stay cool is to keep your hair at a shorter length. If it's not your style, consider putting your hair up, try a sleek topknot, or a variation on the classic braid. One of my all-time favorite hairstyles to stay cool during the summer is a high ponytail.

Put Your Fridge to Work

The refrigerator doesn’t have to be just for keeping food cold. Throughout the summer, preserve moisturizer and body mist in there, too. Slathering on cool products will immediately make you feel cooler. You can save your moisturizer in the fridge during the summer, too. 

Ice Your Pressure Points

Look at this rapid party trick that really works: press your icy beverage or an ice cube against your wrist or your neck. The chill on these two pulse points can provide you with an all-over feeling of cool when it’s sizzling hot. If you remain cool, you’re less probably to encounter melting makeup.

Spray Yourself with Sea Salt

Add spring to your hair and keep your scalp dry with sea salt spray. It Performs as a natural styling factor to make waves and add volume. Some hairstylists say this is the key product they use to create texturized waves. Sea salt spray can be found at any beauty provide store, or you can even make it yourself at home.

Spritz Your Face

According to a rapid cool-down after baking in your car, or any other heat-related condition, try spritzing on a face mist. It can give you an instant chill and make you feel refreshed. To enhance your face mist, choose your favorite fragrance like mint, herb or lavender and you’ll feel instantly freshened up.

Choose Your Cosmetics Carefully

When it comes to makeup, go for the smudged look—on purpose. Summer beauty trends suggest you should go easy on eye makeup, but if you want to glam it up, use crayon liners and eye shadows that provide softer, smudged lines. Matte lipsticks go on dryer than creamy ones and look great with dewy summer skin. Once you’re done applying makeup, use a setting spray to finish off your look and help keep your makeup in place.
With all of these refreshing ways to stay cool and collected, people will wonder what your secret is and admire how well you pull it off.
Protecting Your Skin, Body and Hair during summer
Protecting Your Skin, Body and Hair during summer

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