Diabetes weight loss
The correct and effective way to lose weight

The correct and effective weight loss methods, safe and effective ten tips that make you lose weight.

1 Early diet
Eating early before the body is hungry is an effective way to lose weight. The researchers analyzed that insulin can regulate the absorption of carbohydrates in the body, and at the same time it has a certain inhibitory effect on food conversion and fat accumulation. If you eat before you are hungry, you can often control the secretion of insulin. Also, eating before dinner can make people lose their appetite during dinner, thereby reducing the number of people they take.
2 Diet and weight loss
This is a new type of weight-loss method. It mainly requires weight losers to eat certain foods with each meal. For example, when eating high-protein, high-fat meat dishes, people can eat a vegetable, but can't drink beer, can't eat bread, potatoes, and other carbohydrate foods. The reason is mainly because the body fat is composed of a variety of nutrients. When people eat high-protein foods, they do not eat carbohydrates, and the body will not gain fat and become fat.

3 Vegetable and fruit meal weight loss method
Experts believe that eating more fruits and vegetables can help to lose weight. Because meat food can easily become fat, it is obese because it is stored in the body. Proteins or carbohydrates in vegetables and fruits are not easy to convert into fat, especially green vegetables without sugar are more effective for weight loss because it will cause the body to consume more calories than a person eats. Vegetable and fruit meals refer to vegetables and fruits that do not eat or basically do not eat cereals or meat, which is used to greatly reduce the total calories and fat intake of the diet.

4 protein drink weight loss method

A method of diet weight loss. This method is to use the manual method to extract the protein in the food that the dieter must consume every day, and then make this protein into an easily digestible liquid for the dieter to drink. According to research reports, after a dieter ingests a protein solution, the protein will be converted into energy for the body to consume, and most of the fat will gradually be converted into energy as the body needs to be consumed by the body, only a small part of the fat Remain in muscle fibers.

5 Slowly eat fine throat to lose weight
A safe way to lose weight, that is, when eating or eating other foods, slowly chew the food in your mouth until it is extremely broken before swallowing the belly. The mechanism is: after eating slowly and chewy food, mixing a lot of saliva, after entering the gastrointestinal tract, it is easier and faster to be digested and absorbed, and the blood sugar level also increases faster. When the blood sugar rises to a certain level, the appetite center of the brain sends a signal of satiety, and although it doesn't eat much, it also feels full. Conversely, if you eat too fast when the brain sends a signal to stop eating, you have actually eaten too much food, so you will be overweight.

6 Diet time difference weight loss method

The decision of supper time has a cozy relationship with weight increase or decrease. Studies have shown that the most prosperous time of the body's metabolism is between 8: 00-12: 00. If you avoid the above time to eat, you can achieve a certain weight loss effect. Tests show that eating two kilocalories of food in the morning does not affect a person's weight, but at night it increases weight. Therefore, eating at night cannot exceed 30% of a day's food intake, and at least 35% in the morning.

7 Fat control method to lose weight
Overweight people always attach importance to controlling the calories of food. In fact, as long as the amount of fat is controlled without having to eat less, you can achieve weight loss. The new weight-loss method he created aims to reduce the "heat effect", so while reducing fat intake, you must add enough protein and carbohydrates to meet the needs of the body. Because fatty foods are more palatable and fuller, people will be bored and hungry when this method is first practiced, but they will gradually adapt after persevering.

8 Liquid diet to lose weight
It is called the "fasting" method, also known as the "ultra-low-calorie meal" weight loss method. People who lose weight in this way do not eat solid food at all for 16 weeks or maybe longer, and drink only a few glasses of flavored protein liquid every day --- total calories is 400 kcal --- 800 dry The liquidity of the card can lose 2 kg to 4 kg in one week, and then about 2.5 kg per week. It is reported that tens of thousands of obese people have successfully lost weight from 25 kg to 35 kg in just 16 weeks after implementing the liquid diet method.

9 Early meal weight loss
"Since the body's metabolic status is diverse at various times". Generally speaking, after getting up in the morning, the metabolism is gradually vigorous and reaches its peak at 8:12 in the morning. Therefore, weight loss people can advance the mealtime, breakfast is arranged before 6 o'clock, lunch is arranged at about 10 o'clock, you can receive good weight loss results.

10 No-calorie diet
Is hunger therapy, which is suitable for elderly obese people who eat and drink. People who adopt this method of weight loss must be in good health, approved by a doctor, and hospitalized or lying at home under their supervision. This method should not be used by patients, developing young people, people over 60 years old, and pregnant and lactating women. Daily recipe: 1.5 kg of non-caloric beverages (using saccharin as a seasoning)-tea, black coffee, lemon mineral water. The heat content of these drinks is equal to zero. It is best to add an appropriate number of vitamins to the above drinks. The dieting time is 20 days. Without eating, lie in bed. This diet method can only be used once a year. See "hunger strike to lose weight".

Diabetes weight loss
Diabetes weight loss

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