How to choose the best makeup artist - And what is the best skin and hair care routine before your wedding   

When it comes to bridal makeup, it's not really rare to book the services of an artist a year in advance. The search for the best wedding makeup artist should be initiated that early if you want to avoid last-minute gaffes such as getting a less experienced makeup artist at all, going wrong with your sessions and so much more!

What are the Qualities of a Good Makeup Artist?

Now the basic definition of a makeup artist is very clear. We need to distinguish the characteristics that make a great makeup artist. Besides being brilliant at speaking and understanding clients, a makeup artist should also be:
  • Imaginative
  • Motivated
  • Good listener
  • Steady of hand
  • Excellent at time management
  • Comfortable with client opinion
  • Understanding of design, art and graphics
  • Great at offering advice and recommendation to patrons

Since we are primarily talking about early makeup planning here, we'll focus on ways in which you can prepare your skin for your bridal makeover routine. If the day has already been approached then make sure that you are actually going through this particular primer without fail.

What are the first steps that should be taken towards this end?

To start, you should know that flawless bridal makeup is all about flawless skin. So, make sure that you're ready with your skincare routine at least six or seven months in advance. One of the major factors affecting your wedding make up is not smooth skin. So let us tell you that sun-tanned skin or blocked pores or dry skin can actually contribute to uneven complexion - which, in turn, will make your makeup artist's work more challenging.
The most credentialed artists out there recommend that girls should resort to regular peel depending on their skin type. Make sure you are also using the right products that help to keep your skin hydrated throughout.
Another significant aspect of your pre-bridal skin care is a good eye cream. It should not really be forgotten that the skin around your eyes is very soft. So, you should be more careful with the choice of the product that you are picking up.
It's necessary to say, it is very important on your end to make sure that you check the quality of the skincare products you are using.
While these are essential bridal skin care instructions that you should follow, make sure you are also  connect with your makeup artist from time to time to fulfill your queries regarding the beauty regimen that you should follow before your wedding.

 Also take care of Your Diet:

  Make sure that you are eating healthier in general. It will contribute significantly towards a healthier glowing skin. Try to steer clear of sugar, processed food and higher levels of sodium. Their effect remains the most obvious in the form of stomach fat. They can actually make you look overfed!
On the other hand, your diet should consistently feature fruits, green vegetables and lots of water. Additionally, too much of alcohol will end up making you feel dry and puffy. So, keep all the aforementioned points in view in order to ensure that your bridal look is right on point!
Get a bright and attractive hair color in your wedding by using natural herbal henna powder instead of chemical dyes

Not many of us are conscious that the favorite set of chemical hair color might contain heavy metals and comes with a harmful chemical composition that causes more damage than high-quality. Owing to such high chemical concentrations, chemical hair dyes are known to cause severe sensitive reactions and also has a number of side effects attached under its name. The primary symptoms include burning, redness or bump around the eyelids or eyes in the said respect.
Thus, choose for the completely natural organic herbal henna powder that provides for a chemical free hair coloring experience and in turn, it's important caters to the proper nourishment of the scalp and hairs as well while other added advantages that it has to its credit.

The various advantages of choosing the organic herbal henna powder as the ideal alternative to the synthetic hair colors can be enlisted as under:

• Provides for a 100% chemical free hair color that contains no PPD, no ammonia, no hydrogen peroxide, no barlum, no heavy metal or any kind of additives, fertilizers and added synthetics for the matter.
• Makes for a 100% herbal hair dye is made up of premium quality henna. Owing to the essential goodness of the completely organic herbal henna powder it comes with added benefits for the hair and scalp and further help to provide for the all-round nourishment of the hairs and the scalp.
• Henna powder apart from being a great natural conditioning agent is known to improve the texture and health of the hair and scalp in an effective manner.
• Henna powder is 100% ammonia free and therefore is free from the pungent smell of ammonia. In some cases, the higher concentration of ammonia that is present in certain chemical hair dyes can lead to serious respiratory problems that in the long run causes damage to the lungs.
• This excellent henna powder helps to work as a damage repair solution while being an ideal natural remedy that adds a healthy shine to the locks, heals certain scalp related issues in an absolutely natural manner while functioning as the best natural stimulant for hair growth.
• It caters to a number of scalp related issues like that of the itchy scalp to dandruff, herbal henna powder provides for the necessary protection to the scalp to keep scalp infections at bay.
• Organic herbal henna powder is clinically tested to be a completely safe product that causes no allergies and has no harmful side effects and is suitable for application on all hair kinds.
How to choose the best makeup artist - And what is the best skin and hair care routine before your wedding

How to choose the best makeup artist - And what is the best skin and hair care routine before your wedding 

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